Abstract: Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard software is an Eclipse based development tool enabling intelligent coding; interactive step-through debugging; and visual design of user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of RIAs. The ability to import assets from Adobe Creative Suite 3 makes it easy for designers and developers to work together.

Adobe Flex applications can provide a highly interactive experience, seamlessly supporting the use of integrated media.

Flex applications run identically in all major browsers and operating systems and can now run on the desktop with Adobe AIR.

Flex provides a structured, proven, open-source development framework for the delivery of predictable, long-term RIA solutions, making Flex the preferred choice for web sites as well as intranet and enterprise applications.

Bio: Enrique Duvos is a Senior Platform Evangelist for Adobe in Europe. His role is to help customers, partners and developers across Europe understand and adopt the benefits and characteristics of some of the Adobe core platform technologies, such as Adobe Flash, PDF, AIR, Flex and LiveCycle ES. Prior to the Adobe merger he was part of the Macromedia technical sales team specialized in the company`s enterprise portfolio of technologies.

With a major in Computer Science and a Masters in distributed applications, his background includes more than ten years in the Software industry, five of them in R&D as Senior Software Architect designing and developing J2EE enterprise solutions for Macromedia US.